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We work differently. In the Office of the Future, HP outlines the hybrid working environment to which we are evolving. And you can discover it. Visit independently the Office of the Future or request a guided session.

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Are you looking for a modern service model that increases the productivity of your employees, creates an efficient IT and provides a clear overview of the costs? Then resolutely choose Device as a Service (DaaS) of HP. First select the plan that best meets the needs of your company. Then work carefree and safely from anywhere with the right tools and support. That’s service!

Everything As A Service

Companies cannot closely follow all technological innovations. To always have the right tools available (software, workflow, security, etc.) they need to invest in strategic partnerships and services.

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Optimize IT assets and resources

The fragmentation of the workplace (office, home office, on the go, mobile devices, etc.) has not simplified the management of an IT environment. HP Device as a Service allows you to go for an outsourcing model that takes away many worries.

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Reference cases

Managed Print Services

Do you want to understand and streamline employees’ printing behaviour to not only increase efficiency, but also to save money and contribute to a healthier world? Then HP’s Managed Print Services (MPS) might interest you! First, we make an in-depth analysis, we then draw up a plan and implement it. And finally, we manage this optimisation process and adjust where necessary. MPS means consciously living in the now and thinking about the future!

HP Managed Print Services

HP Managed Print Services allows you to increase the operational efficiency of your print fleet. With a plan that is tailor-made to your company you can be sure of a correct budget for the services you really need.

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HP Managed Print Services
Topic of Influence: Global

HP works for global organisations that want to map out and improve their print behaviour and fleet. The global approach is very flexible and can be simply adapted to the unique requirements of a certain region.

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HP Managed Print Services
Topic of Influence: Mobility

Employees are becoming increasingly mobile. They want to be able to work in the most efficient way on the best devices. HP has understood that message and makes sure, for example, that printing is possible from any location and from any device.

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HP Factory Services

2 hours. That’s the average time it takes to install a new PC. Time that your IT staff can save if you use HP Factory Services (you have several options to choose from, by the way). In this way you optimise the rollout of the ICT park and your IT staff can focus on other, more urgent tasks.

With HP Configuration Services, GSK Vaccines saves around €300,000 per year

GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines has 14,000 desktops and notebooks, and 300 new ones are purchased every month. To save time and money, they looked for a long-term solution: HP Configuration Services. This saves the company around €300,000 per year.

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Let HP manage your PC image so you can focus on your business

With HP Image and Configuration Services, your devices will be delivered with the corporate image that meets your specific requirements.

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Define your BIOS settings with HP Custom System Settings

With HP Custom System Settings, HP configures your device entirely to your needs. In this way the BIOS settings will match your security and manageability policies.

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Tech Talk

Tailor-made HP Management & Security Services
HP not only supplies hardware and software, but also offers your organisation fully customised services. From Lifecycle Management over Manageability to Security Services. It means you can focus on your tasks. Find out more.

HP Factory Services lower your Total Cost of Ownership
HP really does everything to make your life easier. Do you want to optimise the rollout of your ICT fleet, for example? In that case, use our Factory Services and save up to 2 hours per PC installation. Curious about the details? Watch this video.