Motivated employees, innovation and flexibility are essential for any organization. Technology can provide support.

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The individuals of your organization

A personal approach is more essential than ever in (business) life. Devices are being tailored to their users, taking into account their specific responsibilities, tasks, manner and place of work and personality. HP outlines a number of possible profiles – with associated devices – that can help you better meet the business needs of your employees. In this way, you not only improve the work experience of your employees or ensure that work can be done safely, but you also reduce costs.


Professionals who are often on the move and who need to connect easily to get work done quickly and productively.

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Home & office navigator

Employees with a diverse range of tasks who feel most comfortable in office environments spread across different locations.

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Frontline & back office hero

Frontline & back office heroes act as the standard bearers of an organisation. They are often the first point of contact for customers, suppliers and partners.

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Professionals demanding ultimate performance and mission-critical reliability of fully customized devices.

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Professional creator

Creative professionals who create something every day. These workers deliver great performance in specialised applications.

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Reference cases

Location-independent work is not limited to working from home, but from anywhere you want. Co-working spaces such as Corda Campus in Hasselt take advantage of this by offering spaces where you can retreat to work or meet. And with the right technology (light and powerful notebook, portable second screen, compact mouse) you can work wherever you want.

CityCubes, an independent marketing bureau specialised in pop-up marketing and brand activation, benefited greatly from a well-thought out IT ecosystem. Before, not a single device in the office was the same, the same software was purchased twice and no thought was given in advance to the type of device best suited to the employee’s position.


Focus on employees and their work experience

From now on, devices will be tailored to their users. And these devices take into account the specific tasks and responsibilities, but also the working style and personality of the users themselves.

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Are you ready for the jobs of the future?

In the future automation and new technologies will only become more important on the shop floor. Employees need to be prepared to work next to and with these technologies.

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4 generations on the shop floor

The professionally active population is getting older. And the youngest generation –with other ideas– is entering the work floor. Companies that manage to bring everyone’s strengths to the surface will prove to be the most productive and competitive.

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Workforce of tomorrow

For Gen Z members, technology is simply part of life. They grew up with it, it is intertwined in every aspect of their lives. This reality carries on in the workplace: they expect nothing less than a work-life blend supported by the right technology.

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