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Strong together for a healthier world

Corporate social responsibility has become the norm for all modern companies. But it is still often a challenge finding the right balance between this engagement and the organisation’s interests. From its expertise and conviction that technology can help companies to achieve objectives in corporate social responsibility, HP supports many initiatives to accept the challenge. The sustainable and solid products which HP offers, but also the reduction of the ecological footprint of HP itself by taking into account the product cycle are cases in point. For example, HP chooses ecological bulk packaging that creates less waste and saves time during device deployment. In addition, HP founded the Sustainable Forest Collaborative and together with WWF and other NGOs, HP is restoring, protecting and managing more than 80,000 hectares of forest. When choosing HP, you also choose sustainability.

How do you reduce your organisation’s CO2 emissions?

In order to become a more sustainable business, we recommend you to look at your company’s CO2 emissions. How can you reduce them? Read more here.

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What these five graphics tell us about sustainability in business

Corporate sustainability is every company’s responsibility in the same way that it is the responsibility of every individual. We need to make sure the next generations can still live on our planet. HP lists 5 corporate sustainability points.

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How to build a sustainable IT department

Do you also want your IT department to be more sustainable? First map your current situation to understand where your current ecological footprint is coming from. Then you can draw up a plan to contribute to a better world.

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The sustainability trends transforming business

We now realise that for many years we have taken and never given anything back to our planet. Today we have to look to the future and make sure there will still be life in the future. HP focuses on 7 pillars that can contribute to this.

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The war on plastic and how corporate social responsibility can play its part

We produce so much plastic half of which is used only once. Reality is hard and it has shown us we are filling our oceans with plastic. The EU announced a war on plastic and by 2030 wants all plastic packaging to be reusable or recyclable.

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The evolution of more sustainable print consumables

The possible reuse of consumables was never a thing before. This included printers which meant empty toners and cartridges were simply thrown away. In 1991, HP launched the PlanetPartners programme that pays attention to recycling and reuse.

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How to measure your carbon footprint with the HP Carbon Footprint Calculator

Many tools exist to calculate your CO2 footprint. However, the majority are very vague and don’t add anything. HP developed an online tool that allows you to make an exact calculation of your CO2-emission.

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Corporate social responsibility, in your organisation as well, with HP’s sustainability solutions
HP recognises the need to build businesses that have a lasting and sustainable impact on the world. That’s why HP offers you solutions to make your organisation more sustainable. Discover them here.