Motivated employees, innovation and flexibility are essential for any organization. Technology can provide support.

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ZCentral delivers you power and performance from anywhere you work

We’re working fast, mobile and anywhere we want. And this in the most productive and safe way.

ZCentral offers a complete hardware and software solution to power a remote workforce. This way they can work anywhere they want on large files or work with graphic-intensive applications.

ZCentral Remote Boost 2020

This revolutionary software delivers fast responsiveness and high image quality, even with film editing and big data visualizations. Regardless of what’s sent over the network, your information is always encrypted. ZCentral Remote Boost transfers pixels only, so your data remains locked down. This allows individuals to work together in real-time, even on 3D models.

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ZCentral Connect 2020

With ZCentral Connect you can keep full control over your centralized workstation. Easily manage connections between remote power users with our HP ZCentral Connect software. Assign dedicated workstations to individuals. All from a single console.

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ZCentral gives power users the true performance they need

How do you give power users the performance they need and the freedom they desire? With the single-source remote workstation solution from ZCentral.


Discover how ZCentral offers you freedom and power to work anywhere you want.