Working differently in a hybrid working environment

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of Belgian workers commute two hours a day

There are 690 kilometre hours of traffic jams every working day in the Flemish Region

Belgian employees would like to work from home 2 to 3 days a week

The pandemic taught us that we can also work differently: at home, at the office, even at the sports club, and now that it is possible again, basically anywhere. Rather than getting stuck in traffic jams every working day to get to the office and spending eight hours at the same workplace, we prefer to work at home or at a location close to home to avoid wasting time. A new era has thus dawned in which organizations are increasingly moving towards a hybrid working environment – an environment in which it is possible to work in a productive and safe manner with the right tools and technologies so that people are constantly connected, regardless of the location; with attention for individual needs such as personal devices, of course, but also for innovation, well-being and sustainability. In this way, work and life can be nicely balanced, everyone’s happiness is paramount and every employee can give the best of themselves anywhere. And that is what the hybrid working environment is all about: letting people work from anywhere, in the best possible conditions and in their own work style. Curious to find out more?


Every employee has his or her own background, worldview and expectations, including when it comes to technology. But how do you support everyone in a personalized way, with solutions precisely attuned to their specific needs? And how do you ensure a diverse and inclusive work culture where every individual is treated equally?


Until a few years ago, employees worked in the office every day and sat at their fixed desks. Today, employees no longer sit at the same desk all day. They no longer go to the office every day either, in fact. They decide where they work, depending on their tasks and responsibilities. What different workplaces are there?

Work styles

Employees today know exactly what they want and have developed their own work style. They attach importance to working safely with an eye for sustainability, because they are aware that each individual can contribute to a better world. They also like to be provided with innovative technologies that make their daily activities run more smoothly.

A New Blueprint for an Uncertain World

Until recently, organizations made a fixed five-year plan. Today, they are adopting a dynamic approach to thrive better in uncertain times.