The office

of employees worldwide want to work in a hybrid environment, alternating two home working days with three office days.
of employers offer employees the opportunity to work remotely.

The office fulfils a new role in the hybrid working environment, i.e. it serves as a meeting place. It will enable knowledge workers to engage in Activity Based Working and work together in different spaces with the best tools.


Employees will connect with colleagues at the office. The HP devices reinforce that connectivity: you will be able to use them smoothly in any room.


The office will provide space to coach each other, so that employees can get the best out of themselves.


We will create together in creative spaces equipped with light and the best tools.


The office is the place par excellence to communicate about work or anything else.


The modern company culture is result-oriented. What counts is the result, not how you achieve it.


There is room to celebrate successes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Candid meetings

Employees meet at the coffee machine where they can start a conversation just like that.


People can work in utmost concentration in the quiet rooms.

A different layout with Activity Based Working

Because not every activity has the same requirements, the hybrid office will be divided into different zones – known as the Activity Based Workplace – with specific tools and technologies for each zone. So you have neighbourhoods and shared team zones, hub and specialty areas. Employees can thus choose the space that best suits the activity of that moment. They will in fact start to align their tasks with their work schedule whereby they will collaborate and brainstorm more with colleagues on office days, while they will focus on specific tasks on days when working from home.


Smaller zones per team with unassigned desks. Employees choose the desk that best suits the tasks they want to do at the time. Each neighbourhood also has smaller collaboration spaces for coaching or holding a one-to-one meeting, for example.

Shared team zones

Spaces that can be used by every team and all employees. We are thinking of larger meeting spaces, spaces for creation, video conference rooms, focus zones and support zones. The aim is actually to veer towards hybrid meeting spaces that can be easily adapted according to the needs of the moment – enlarging or reducing – and that support a hybrid way of collaborating, so that remote employees can join meetings with colleagues who are physically in the same room.

Seamless collaboration with HP Presence

In the hybrid working environment, employees need to be able to collaborate smoothly, even when they are not all physically present in the same room. This is precisely where HP Presence can help.

HP Presence is a meeting solution that creates a better way to collaborate more closely, including remotely. Employees can thus still feel connected to each other. This is made possible through breakthrough voice, video and sensor technologies that are integrated into devices such as notebooks, desktops and interactive screens, and available as separate hardware bundles. More specifically, these technologies bring employees into clear view, irrespective of the lighting conditions or their movements. They also provide pristine audio so that only they can be heard and not their dog or doorbell. High-performance sensors in turn ensure that the meeting room is ready when the employees are, so that they can collaborate smoothly and meet in a hybrid manner.

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