The world is our office. Employees today want to work productively and to do so in any workplace, whether work at home, in the office, on the train or at a customer site. To this end, HP has developed some indispensable accessories that maximize productivity everywhere.

HP Dockings

To help employees be even more mobile, HP has developed dockings that stand out for their practical functionality while being unobtrusive at the same time thanks to their smooth, streamlined shape. You plug in your device and are quickly connected to get back to work in the blink of an eye.

HP Laptop bags

Your devices deserve optimal protection, especially as you often take them from one location to another, thereby increasing the risk of damage. HP has developed a whole range of laptop bags and backpacks with ergonomics and durability in mind. So your devices stay protected.

HP Keyboard and mouse

At the office, in your home office, at a customer’s, at the sports club, etc. wherever you work, you want to do so in the most productive way possible. A (wireless) keyboard and mouse can help. So you can tackle any task efficiently and work comfortably and accurately in any workplace.

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