Working safely, sustainably and with innovative technologies from anywhere: that’s what makes employees happy




Windows 11 Pro is built for secure hybrid work

Working securely

Without cybersecurity, the hybrid working environment is doomed from the start. IT will have to look at securing the entire network, including connected notebooks and printers because employees need to be able to work securely at any workstation. HP’s answer? HP Wolf Security for PCs as well as printers: a package with comprehensive hardware and software security built into the devices themselves. The goal? Protect, detect and repair.

Working sustainably

Corporate social responsibility has become the norm for all modern companies. Drawing on our expertise and the belief that technology can help companies achieve goals on the corporate social responsibility front, HP is backing numerous initiatives to address this challenge. These include creating a diverse and inclusive work culture where every individual is equal, HP’s sustainable and solid products, as well as reducing its environmental footprint. Wondering what ecological initiatives HP is taking?

With innovative technologies

Today, we want to get down to work quickly and efficiently from anywhere. That’s where innovative technologies like Virtual Reality, 3D printing and Big Data can help. We can make huge leaps with such technologies in research & development and in optimizing business processes. New technologies will find their way into all sectors and the momentum will not stop there. It is therefore important to make sure that our companies are ready.

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