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HP’s Next Step in Digital Manufacturing

In fact, it is hard to imagine life without 3D. Already in the design phase it is very important 3D-images clearly show the design and adjustments can be made where necessary. However, 3D-printing goes a step further. HP developed special 3D-printers and ensures your company is ready for the digital manufacturing era.

Pushing what’s possible in sprints and endurance running

Nike and HP joined forces and went all out to print 3D-shoes for use in sprinting and endurance running. The aim of the collaboration is to optimise the process and discover new production methods.

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Accelerating the testing of new antibiotics

CDC and HP want to accelerate the testing of new antibiotics which fight resistant bacteria. To date, hospitals often don’t have access to anti-bacteriological sensitivity tests. HP BioPrinters helps hospitals with this.

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Proper prosthetics

3D printing is also applied in prosthetics. Not only does it ensure that the prosthetics can be made faster, they also look and fit better, and make the person using them feel much better about himself/herself.

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