Ecological initiatives

It is clear: HP is committed to a better climate. Curious about which ecological initiatives HP is taking and how your organization can benefit too?

Ocean-bound plastic

Every year, 8 million tonnes of discarded water bottles and disposable plastic end up in our oceans. HP is doing all it can to reverse this dire situation. For example, we used as much as 1.8 million kilos of ocean-bound plastic to make new products.

HP Planet Partners

This return and recycling programme sees to easy and convenient recycling of original HP inkjet and LaserJet accessories, computer hardware (regardless of brand) and rechargeable batteries. We thus recycle returned products properly, process them into new products and prevent millions of tonnes of waste from ending up in landfills. Hard to believe? The figures don’t lie: thanks to this programme, we have already recycled more than 875 million original ink and toner cartridges!

We can understand that reading something on paper can be useful. We can also understand that you prefer to print in a sustainable way. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to HP Instant Ink. It’s our sustainable ink and toner solution. Sustainable… how so?

  • We deliver your new cartridges to your home. So you don’t have to go to the shop.
  • And what about us? We can reduce packaging and shipping (we deliver directly to your home and do not have to send the cartridges to the shops in a box first).
  • With every delivery, we will give you a prepaid envelope in which you can collect your old cartridges to send them back for recycling.

Forest First

Forest First also focuses on sustainable printing. For every page you print – regardless of the paper brand – HP invests in protecting, restoring or managing forests. Of course, we don’t do this alone. We work closely with trusted environmental NGOs that are recognized experts on forest ecosystems.

Sustainable Forest Collaborative

In 2019, we entered into a five-year partnership – the Sustainable Forest Collaborative – with WWF and yet other NGOs not only to manage 200,000 hectares of forest, but also to protect and restore them. Under this agreement, we will donate $ 11 million to WWF to support two projects. These include restoring part of the endangered Atlantic forest in Brazil and managing Chinese state farms and forest plantations in a sustainable way. We are also contributing to the science-based targets for forests developed by the WWF. This provides guidance on the quantity and quality of forests needed in key regions. In this way, forest ecosystems can be restored and protected and additional benefits for people, plants and animals can be guaranteed; which is also good for your organization.


Not only do we try to make our new products with as much ocean-bound plastic as possible, but we also look at the packaging of the products themselves. We thus aim to achieve a 75 % reduction in disposable plastic packaging by 2025 compared with 2018. And as to whether we are on track: in 2020, we achieved a 19 % reduction. To meet our target, we focus our sustainable packaging strategy on three areas:

  • Eliminate: we try to eliminate unnecessary packaging and difficult-to-recycle materials such as plastic foam
  • Innovate: we make packaging with sustainable fibres and recycled plastics
  • Circulate: we give preference to materials with high recycled content and easily recyclable materials that can circulate smoothly


To improve efficiency, save costs and reduce negative environmental impact, we do everything possible to optimize our logistics network. We consolidate shipments wherever possible and try to send them directly to customers or local distribution centres. We prefer to do this by train because the CO₂ emissions are significantly lower than when transported by plane or boat.

HP’s sustainability strategy helps organizations do business in a more sustainable way

Organizations are increasingly paying more attention to sustainable business. For technology company HP, corporate sustainability is anything but an empty promise. It is one of the company’s core.

How do you reduce your organization’s CO2 emissions?

To run a more sustainable business, we advise you to look at your company’s CO₂ emissions. Curious as to how you can reduce them?

HP’s ecological history

HP has been committed to the environment for years. This overview brings together all HP’s efforts on this front from the very beginning until now.

Corporate social responsibility extended to your organization thanks to HP’s sustainability solutions

HP recognizes the need to build a business that has a lasting and sustainable impact on the world. That is why it offers you a number of solutions to enable your organization to do business more sustainably.

Sustainable business begins at HP

Today, more than 50 HP products are made with ocean-bound plastic: a great initiative by HP to turn something negative into something positive. The images speak for themselves…

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