Motivated employees, innovation and flexibility are essential for any organization. Technology can provide support.

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Safe printing, always and everywhere

Forget that lonely printer that is only used by office workers. Also forget the long-winded process of printing, collecting, scanning, forwarding. Contemporary employees are dynamic and change device and even location several times a day. Flexible as they are, they need to be able to make prints safely at any place and at any time. Productive as they are, this needs to be possible quickly and efficiently. Discover HP Roam and the HP Workpath App.

Tech Talk

Cloud printing makes printing easy again

Printing is often configured in a traditional way in companies. Do you want to make it easier for your users to print? Then we suggest you manage your printing infrastructure in a cloud environment.

Simplify your work with customised print and scan applications
A Multi Function Printer (MFP) is indispensable for an organisation. This device allows you not only to print, but also to scan and much more. Did you know that an MFP also has tailor-made printing and scanning applications? This allows you to optimise business workflows and work safer and faster.

No more worries with Managed Print Services
The solid concept of Managed Print Services (MPS) has been around for a long time: HP takes care of its customers by automatically supplying toners, repairing printers, etc. HP is taking it one step further now with HP Smart Device Services. Using IoT and Machine Learning, error messages are registered in order to make predictions and solve errors before they occur.

HP Roam

Forget a long step-by-step plan and go for simplification with the MFP apps. These apps can even be developed especially for your specific business needs. Use touch and swipe to go to the next step in the blink of an eye. This allows you to spend more time on what is really important.

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HP Workpath app

HP Roam allows secure printing on any printer at any time. Regardless whether you are working on your smartphone, tablet or notebook. Or whether you are printing at the office, at home or a public location. Send your print job securely and pick up your print-out.

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