Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager: do more with data

A common goal shared by data scientists and business leaders is to work accurately and efficiently without the slightest loss of time in order to help build the organization’s successful future. This is precisely where HP can help with Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager.

What Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager is

Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager is an application that provides quick and easy access to software for data science. Complemented by WSL 2, you can run Windows and Linux simultaneously, each on its own device so as not to lose speed. With this development, a dual boot configuration is a thing of the past and you can run Linux tools, utilities and applications within your Windows environment. And best of all? The Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager installs and maintains the software stack for you. So you choose the components needed in your organization and data scientists can focus fully on their core tasks.

Added value for business leaders

The selected components can be adapted to needs at any time and updates are even performed automatically. As a result, employees such as data scientists can always work efficiently with the best software and save a lot of time, so your organization can carry out even more projects.

Added value for data scientists

No need to scroll through different websites while searching for the right software. In Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager, you simply click on the software you need. It is then downloaded, installed and kept up-to-date for you. So you can process, handle and analyse data in no time.

Possible configurations with Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager

The Z by HP Data Science Stack Manager can be downloaded on Z by HP Data Science Workstations: HP ZBook Studio, HP ZBook Fury, HP Z4 and HP Z8.

By the way, HP does everything it can to give you a flawless work experience. For example, the drivers of the devices have been optimized and the software offered has been pre-tested.

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